About Bath LETS

Local Exchange Trading is a well-established way for people to trade skills and services without the need for money, and is part of the long tradition of self-help that people use in times of economic difficulty.

The Basic Idea
LETS is an energy exchange recognising the value of reciprocity: you can earn points with one member and spend them with another according to your needs. Members aim to give and take in equal measure over a period of time. To keep track of transactions members give each other "points" with a name that reflects the locality of the group. The local organisers keep the administrative systems going and encourage members to meet up at social events.

Ethos of Bath LETS
We are a member of LETSlink UK, and follow the national guidelines. Each LETS has its own way of working to ensure that it is in tune with local conditions and the wishes of members.

LETS Work Together
Many people are looking for a sense of belonging to the community which is something which seems to have been lost with the hours we now spend at work earning a living. There is great joy that can be felt from working with other people in a way that feels more wholesome than much of what happens in the society we now live in. Bath LETS offers various opportunities for working in teams such as: gardening maintenance, household repairs, and event organisation including cleaning baking cakes, and administration.

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